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2011-06-15 23:34:24 by JetLong

hmmm havnt posted anything up in a while, but mid year break is coming up so hopefully i will be more active then.

pico day

2011-04-29 07:13:03 by JetLong

Happy Pico day everyone. To celebrate Tom Fulp's birthday I made a little animation with the inspiration of Spongebob. Check it out here

and if you still have time come check out my last years present to Tom

Theres some really awesome Picoday animations out there so check them out too!

pico day

Throw the Ball Collab

2010-10-18 04:15:38 by JetLong

Been a while since i posted anything up.....
anyway heres a collab that i was apart of and after a good break of say 7 or so months, it is finally here!
I am mainly excited about it coz its my first collab work ever.
So check it out

Also i will soon be getting a wacom tablet this coming break and will be alot more active on creating fun animations for you all to watch.


2010-05-04 06:30:08 by JetLong

So, Picoday has come and gone once again. Great day for everyone as there are lots of amazing
animations, games and art from talented artists. I too have entered a flash this year to celebrate
the day, you can check it out here

Even though picoday is over, the excitement still hangs around as we all wait for the announcement
of the winners and PRIZES!!!